Nick Offerman is not Ron Swanson, okay?

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman played Austin's Paramount Theatre in April.
Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman played Austin’s Paramount Theatre in April.

Here’s an interesting Austin mention from an interview former “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman conducted with the Detroit Free Press in the midst of his current tour with wife Megan Mullally. The pair performed here in April:

“People are kind of scared of me, or intimidated by Ron’s authoritative nature. Especially in a restaurant, they’ll bring me a pound of cooked bacon, and then they’ll be just crushed when I say: ‘I’m sorry, I can’t eat this much bacon. That would kill me.’ I love the restaurants of Austin (Texas). We were just there on this tour. An employee of a favorite restaurant there said: ‘There’s a rumor going around that you don’t eat meat. Is that true?’ I said: ‘No, that’s ridiculous. Where did that come from?’ She said: ‘Well, apparently the chef sent you out a bunch of bacon and you didn’t eat it.’ I said: ‘I’m a human being. I’m not Ron Swanson. Especially if I’m trying to keep trim for a role, I sadly don’t have the superpower where I can just eat a plateful of bacon.’

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